Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I had a shower last night no more bucket baths, bliss..............

I 'm so behind in everything at the moment but am getting advanced along the way to a new bathroom well sort of a few mishaps along the way as you can see the floor and walls are drying out, so time to begin, the plumber has arrived and hard at work.
My bathroom so much dirt and dust it's everywhere.

The Plumber is here and very busy .
Leroy likes the hot water pipes, they are the green ones the plastic coating keeps the heat in and I guess it makes it easy to tell them apart.
Leave this one alone it mine.
Blue board is on two walls and the vanity is hooked up.
Cutting holes for the connections they must be in the right place, good measuring and careful cutting, I'm not having anything to do with this.

 We used her pipes so off to bed she goes.
 Bits of wood put in here and there to be used to attach cupboards and other stuff.

 And Drummy has moved into the toilet out of the way
Well not when it's a food  break Drummy is very fond of any food going and is very fond of most fruit so she is out and about and looking sweet.
Shower and mixer in, now ready for the glass panels to be put up.
Do you know what this is.
It is a earth clip It attaches to the copper pipe and earths your power supply or something like that all I know if you are struck by lighting it is good to have one, we got a new one, it was very expensive $1.85 I think.
You can have a shower but not a long one water does go all over the floor so you get to mop up when finished.
They give you spare bits.
The guest room is crowded out with lots of bathroom stuff but soon will be gone when all the cupboards are up.

I did have time this summer to crochet two blankets it's not been a hot summer all the time, sometimes it's been quite cool.
And it's nice to have all the bits out of the lounge room and dining room.

This display of wood structure was to hold the shower backing in place but guess what it didn't work the guy at Bunnings sold us the wrong glue never believe anything they tell you I sure they make it up as they go along.


  1. Oh you must be OVERJOYED to be able to even have a quick shower. Work is progressing nicely!

  2. It must be exciting to have a new bathroom. We are pondering having ours updated, but it could be a nightmare experience.

  3. Hello, I know you will be happy when the bathroom is done and things are all back to normal. I liek the dDrummy with the watermelon, YUM!
    Have a happy week!

  4. ... hi Merle ... so glad to see work progressing..... it's nice to know you were able to have a shower... xxx hugs... Barb xxxx

  5. Hari OM
    Oh the joy of that two minute shower... sets the imagination going for when the thing is finally done!!! Your home always looks so bright and welcoming... YAM xx

  6. I remember how awful it was, waiting out the new bathroom. I hope it's done soon.

  7. Like Joanne Noragon I remember how awful the experience was (we had our bathrooms done at the same time). I also remember how WONDERFUL it is when it is finished. I still love our new bathroom too.

  8. That shower must have felt so good! Love Leroy's leg flung up on the pillow Lol! Your crochet blankets turned out nice. I'm sure you are looking forward to getting things back to normal once again. Love your cozy home, Merle. x K

  9. Glad to see things are coming along. Home improvement can be very stressful!

  10. Your shower is looking good. Great to be able to have one though.
    Like your crochet - I too crochet.

  11. So good you can use your new shower! Renovations are a pain but it's so lovely to have a brand new bathroom. I really enjoy crocheting, but I take a long time to finish my projects, you've done well to make two blankets this summer.

  12. Nice to see the bathroom making progress, you'll be back to normal in no time now. Can you put down a tarp or something similar to stop the floor getting wet when you shower?
    I really like the strip drain in there, so much better than the usual central drain. I would have strip drains on all four sides if I could.

  13. Nothing like a glorious long hot shower is there? Actually I'm a bath person usually , but just occasionally it's the best thing on the world to just stand there and let all your stress be showered away. The pictures are fascinating, watching the whole thing come together . It'll all be finished one day- then you'll probably start all over again!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  14. Hey there, I'm sure till you've finished the bathroom remodeling. Just wondering the after look of the new bathroom. I have plan to start bathroom remodeling of my house and looking forward to it.

  15. It looks like the bathroom is taking a lot of work. I would not want to remodel because it takes so much time and I do not have a lot of that. I barely have time to do anything. Your cat looks like he is trying to help. I want a cat that works, that would be great.


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