Sunday, 6 March 2016

A day off today.

 We are just sitting around not doing much, it's a warm day with a cool breeze blowing so nice to not  to have anything to do.
We finished all the blue board and next week the tiling but that's for the tiler to do,  not us.
 My neighbour down the road called in with her white fluffball who doesn't like his photo being taken he just turns away when you try, how he knows is a mystery but I just got the back of his head mainly.
 Took a few of other things to fool him.
 but no such luck

 Almost  but not a full face one.
 I wonder what happened to the little fellows toe must have broken off.

 After the visit my two cats wondered out to say hello, then nap time.
Drummy had a bath early this morning so she is in hiding now.


  1. Such a snowy white flufball! What breed is he?
    Nice to sit outside when the days are a bit cooler. We had a thunderstorm here this afternoon, so the drivers in the car race had to drive in the wet.

  2. We have had some very hot days. And more are expected. Mid thirties or higher till the end of next week. Sigh.
    Your cats have the right idea.
    The fluffball is pretty - but I prefer the cats.

  3. .. Hi Merle ... the little fluff ball doggie is beautiful...
    glad you are enjoying being outdoors ...
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  4. You might feel guilty when asked, what did you do today, and you reply, nothing much. But it is not a bad thing to do nothing much, so long as it is not English style, sitting around in a cramped lounge room drinking endless cups of tea.

  5. Hello, I love the cute fluffy white doggie. I love all the furbabies. It is too cold to sit outside here, yet. I hope we warm up soon. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Hari OM
    Wise cats, staying in till visitations are done! Oh to have a quiet sit in the sun... Yes tiling is quite the art - it will be great to see it all done! YAM xx

  7. Oh Merle, how funny that the white fluffball will NOT let his face be photographed. What a guy. Enjoyed your post. Susan

  8. Is that cute, white fluff-ball a Maltese? Our Jack (Jack Russell X) is exactly the same when it comes to having his photo taken. As soon as he spots the camera, or even a smartphone, pointed in his direction, he immediately turns away and hides from view. He does not like his photo being taken at all. Never thought I'd come across another dog like him. Too funny! hehe

  9. Cute little visitor, Merle. The cats look happy that he is gone, though :)

  10. A camera shy pup what a cutie!Good to have a day off after all the hard work you've been doing.

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