Sunday, 6 December 2015

My xmas decorations, a weeks holiday and a old drawing oh and a leaking bathroom.

 My daughter in 1984, found this drawing the other day.

 My christmas tree, small but well loved.
 My merry christmas sign
 My ONE and only snowflake, it's a big one and not cold at all.
 The front door.

 I'm off on holiday for a week to my sisters place at the beach, so doing a bit of a clean up and found a wet sock in this corner, it did not smell like cat piddle, they like to piddle on shoes and socks left on the floor, you learn to put all shoes away and pick up clothes, notice the ugg boots on the chair.
So after a bit of a investigate in the bathroom, found the shower was leaking so out comes the wet area stuff, and I've sort of fixed it, I think, new bathroom on the cards very soon.
I would show you a picture of the job but it's sort of messy.
That stuff gets everywhere and not easy to get off.
 Packing my bag, I travel light now, so a overnight bag does me a week.
The beer fairy is looking after the cats and the house, he is not messy but not into cleaning much.
Goodbye for a week, will have lots of photos.


  1. A week at the beach! You lucky duck. Have a wonderful time, don't forget to slip, slop, slap.
    I like your Christmas decorating very much, my stuff is still all up in the high cupboard, have to drag in the big ladder to get to it.
    The drawing of your daughter is gorgeous.

  2. Do have a good week away. You would really be lost in a house without a picture rail.

  3. Have a great time....enjoy your special time...looking forward to your adventures

  4. Have a great time....enjoy your special time...looking forward to your adventures

  5. Hello, I like your Christmas tree and decorations. A week at the beach sounds like fun, enjoy! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Have a great holiday.
    Your Christmas tree is lovely. I haven't put mine up yet..

  7. Hari OM
    Have a great trip Merle! It took five days, but am fully over that lurgy now and am booked for QLD myself; am also a 'hand luggage' gal! Love your tree; helped to put up the tree today - and in getting the stuff out of the garage store, Mahal and I had a close encounter with a very large possum!

    Travel well - look forward to the piccies &*> YAM xx

  8. You have a wonderful time. Traveling light is the only way to go!

  9. Have a wonderful time.
    I am very glad to hear that someone else lives with a phantom piddler. Or two.
    Love that snowflake.

  10. Beautiful weather predicted this week on the coast- have a lovely relaxing holiday.Cheryl : )

  11. your tree is beautiful,, it looks like ours!!!!
    I hope you have a great time away,, I wish I could send you a real snowflake, lol

  12. Oh, SO sorry you'll need to fix the bathroom. What a budget-breaker, and right before Christmas and your trip, too. Do have a great time on your journey; we'll "see" you when you return. :)

  13. ... hello Merle... I love your tree decorations... so pretty...
    Have a great week away .. relax and enjoy the beach....
    I hope you have fixed the bathroom leak... what a pain..
    See you next week...
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  14. Hope you have fun, Merle - it is always nice to get away for a bit! Your Christmas decorations are pretty and your drawing of your daughter is very good. A pretty little thing, she is! I always hate to find leaks. Hope it goes well fixing it. My roof is leaking around my woodstove in the bedroom. It is always something.....Looking forward to photos of your trip! x Karen

  15. Hope you have an enjoyable trip with your sis. Love your drawing and tree. 😀

  16. I hope the recent tornado and hailstorm didn't affect your home.


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