Monday, 21 December 2015


 My son and daughter in law are staying for a fortnight and headed off to work on their house this morning but were back in about 10 minutes with this cage, it contained a green parrot, with no water and not much food it looks like someone had dumped it there on the side of the road so they bought him home to us, we will keep a look out for notices of lost parrots but that cage was way too small and unless he was forgotten in a house move he was left in a exposed place in summer not good for a any animal or bird, so maybe we have another pet.
 Christmas donuts they taste good too.
 This is he in a bigger cage, named Derrick, the bird not the cage, OH he likes christmas cake, we shared a bit.
 He is a pretty boy.
 Just about finished but they were the softest pink.


  1. I hope Derrick stays with you,he would be one lucky bird if he does.Merry Christmas and have a very happy 2016. Cheryl : )

  2. What a beautiful bird! And the donuts look so yummers! I hope you had a good trip and are having a good Christmas week.

  3. It's sad when someone just dumps a bird or any animal for that matter. Good on them for bringing it home to you..
    Gee, those donuts - you know it's getting towards dinner time here, thus making me more hungrier.

  4. Derrick is beautiful; the people who dumped him should be made to sit in a small cage on the side of the road in hot sun for a few hours. With no food or water. It's just so cruel to do that to any animal or bird.
    I've never seen Christmas Donuts before, are they from Krispy Kreme? Or a regular bakery?

  5. I love Derrick and like River would like to see his erstwhile owner crammed into his cage. I suspect he will be very happy to stay with you.
    Christmas donuts? Not for me.

  6. Hari Om
    Oh my word, you have there one Indian Ringneck Parrakeet!!! This link may be of interest to you I suspect the erstwhile 'owners' had no idea what they were getting into!!! I also suspect that Derrick has just landed on his tail-feathers, being brought to Merle and BF's place hehehehehehehehe. that a caramel doughnut I spy?????? YAM xx

  7. think Derrick is a wonderful addition to the family,, very handsome!

  8. Hello, Derrick is a beautiful bird. I am glad he has a happy home now. Those donuts look yummy. Happy Monday, enjoy your Christmas week!

  9. I think Derrick landed well. Have a happy Christmas.

  10. I'm so glad Derrick is now safe and well with you. He will surely be loved, that's for sure. How lucky that your son and daughter-in-law found him as birds do not generally have such happy endings when left exposed in the sun for long periods.

  11. Derrick, welcome to blog world. I am sure we see a good bit of you in the future.

  12. That cage looks big and sturdy. Derrick will be a happy bird in your garden. You are a lucky duck (oh ah, bird) Derrick.
    How were the donuts?

  13. Were you all hungry lots of comments about donuts.
    They were good.

    1. ...hehehe donuts and hunger are not necessarily related!!! Yx

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  15. That's sad that people just dump their pets!! He is a lovely parrot!!! Wonder if Derrick talks a lot and is loud!! I have a cocketeil - "Birdie" - and he is 17 yrs. old!!! Talks all the time and he has to be put out on the porch when we have company -- he tries to talk over everyone and you can't hear yourself think!!


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