Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A visit from the banana benders.

The backyard at my sons house, I've never seen it with out bits of timber and other building materials laying around, looks pretty good now. My son and daughter were down last week to sort out some drainage problems in the bathroom and laundry.  
His tenants have two dogs, so the only things laying around now is a few dog toys.
The dogs have there own house once was the cat house.
Cute little fellows guarding the back door.
and the old bath is just right for the dogs.

I always liked the kitchen

But the bathroom had a drainage problem so he had a few jobs to sort out.

Work done the beer fairy and son off to play golf
Like father like son both have to pull silly faces if you aim a camera at them.
Notice I gave them a second chance the beer fairy hasn't changed and the son has another silly look.
Who knows what they are doing here, notice the back door holder uper poor old Charlie (thats the cars name), he is the work horse that lives out the front of our place.
My tree is in flower maybe about two weeks a year.

My front fence needs a paint

This is for my laundry floor but now everyone tells me I will need about ten bags. Lots of advice, any way I got different ideas now, will update you when i get it all worked out.


  1. on the level is good. Thanks for having us in!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  2. your sons home is beautiful, that is a great kitchen!!! The flowering tree is amazing, so tropical , I always wanted a black and white tiled floor in my kitchen,

  3. Your son's home is quite nice. Good luck leveling the floor!

  4. Your son did a great job on his home.. Looks great! I love your flowering tree, beautiful blooms... I know nothing about leveling floors, wish I could help. Have fun and enjoy your week!

  5. I think the floor levelling product was quite new when we used it in about 1988. It worked reasonably well.

  6. Your front fence is stunning!!! What I would do for a fence like that with cascading blooms over it! And those shots of your guys are priceless!!!

  7. Hi Merle, lovely photos. And I love that tub! :)

  8. Love to see all the flowers blooming, Merle! I remember your son's house and the place he had the cats. It's nice that he can spend time with his Dad whenever he has landlord duties. Your floor is going to look nice when you are done. Hope you have enough materials. xo Karen

  9. Hari OM
    Looking good everywhere...except maybe the floor, but that will eventually!!! YAM xx

  10. I like your son's home - and good luck on leveling it! That's hard.

  11. I like that kitchen too. What is it with men and silly faces?
    I'm curious now about what you will do with the laundry floor.

  12. The kitchen is really nice, I can see why you like it :) I hope the guys had a good golf game. Hugs to you!

  13. Merle,
    I hope your son figures out the drainage problem in his bathroom - that's a pain, isn't it? He has a big kitchen, and that's the first thing I noticed. I like your tree with the red flowers. They must make you smile when you pass them.

    Have a good rest of the week, Merle, and thank you for your thoughts and comment on my father-in-law.


  14. Hello Merle...Love that fence with the flowers! Hope all the problems are soon solved.

    Thanks so much for your visits. Always happy to see you stopped by. Susan

  15. Drainage problem? I see no drain on the shower floor! That's a problem! Hope it's all sorted by now - it is a very lovely house.

  16. ... Hi Merle. I like your son's back yard .. and they are lucky dogs to have that great house... I like the kitchen, too...
    Hugs.. Barb xxx


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