Friday, 12 October 2012

Rainy DAY

Today it is raining and cold I have raided the fridge and cupboard and munched on everything I can find to eat, now I am full  but have no plans for today as there is a severe weather warning for today, maybe hail later today there was snow in the mountains unusual in winter never in spring, a lot of trees have lost branches on the south coast. You can't cross the Blue Mountains because of black ice they have closed the roads, so I wandered around the house taking photos, this is my favourite painting.   

I like this one too but it doesn't look so good in a photo for some reason.

We have had 10 mts break in the weather so I checked out the vegi garden, they all are happy with the rain so I should not complain to much.
But the snails are having a good time their days are numbered.

Everything is geting a good wash.


  1. A rainy day every now and then when they are needed is a lovely thing indeed. I tend to feel hungry and listless on some rainy days as if I'm not quite sure what to do. Hope that the sun is shining again soon!

    1. Yes it sure is, lovely day today.

  2. Hi Merle!

    Guess what? It rained in Massachusetts today, too. Very wet, dark and gloomy weather.

    So glad you stopped by to visit and comment, too. Always love to see you have paid a visit to my blog.

    Take care. We have to make our own sunshine! Susan

  3. Hi Susan,
    We sure do and it worked today is lovely and sunny,

  4. Joy to you, Merle - a fall garden and cozy images to surround you - grand way to spend a fall day! Look up - the sun will come out . . .

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      It would be a great way to spend a fall day but I'm in Australia and it should be spring but I must admit it has been great weather since, the sun is shining beautifully.

  5. Thank you Merle. And as usual your garden is lovely even when raining. xx

  6. Hi Jeanetteann,
    I must admit I do love my garden, after many years working in a highrise building on the 26th floor in Sydney I now like to spend my days daydreaming in the back yard under the trees and listening to the birds, perfect


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