Monday, 1 October 2012

the long weekend

This weekend was a 3 dayer so I am posting  some  photos of my front garden as it now has some flowers. This is bottlebrush and it brings the birds into the garden. 

I like the colour on this one.

Lavender smells great most of the year, most of it grows on the footpath.

This is a tiny rose flower but it's not out yet.

some more footpath flowers.

The very first plumbago flower.

This is the beer fairy with some of our neighbours, the finals in football was played on this weekend so we watched it with friends and had a bar-b-que lunch, thats the beer fairy on the end the one in the middle is the yank and the one on the other end is the kiwi. 

Just some odd pictures I took.

my sundail

Angus was over on the weekend too.

One of these two needs a shave.

I didn't put my soiled clothes in the dirty clothes basket so M&.M was helping me only he got tired so he left them in the hallway for me to find,  I lost a lot of socks since he has been visiting.

Bye bye M&M see you next time , he is going home today.


  1. Well, Merle, your flowers are absolutely beautiful! I'd love that one that attracts the birds, especially. I put out feeders, etc., but with my cat, the little birdies STAY AWAY. Maybe the bush would entice them!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      I have cats too but they are to lazy to chase the birds or maybe to well fed. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Merle your neighbours must be grateful to you for adding such beauty to your street!
    Your front garden is really lovely.
    I think there's nothing nicer than a white picket fence and rambling cottage flowers around a home!
    It's a good thing M&M is so cute - I guess he still has a few things to learn about being a polite guest, lol!
    Well, it sounds like you had a pretty good weekend at your place :-)

    1. Hi Trish,
      I like the picket fence but it needs painting and with so much growth around it, it is not going to be easy maybe I will wait till next winter and cut everything back that might be the way to go, M&M didn't go home today we are keeping him for a few days so his people can settle in after their long flight they are going to work tomorrow so they will not have much time for him.
      Love Merle.....

  3. Merle,your lavender is enormous,Mine was struggling so I pulled it out and bought a new Princess one. When we go for a walk over to the Port,we pass a council garden which has it growing wildly. I always pick a little bunch,which they wouldn't miss as there is so much.
    The rest of your garden is lovely. We love to plant out front too,so that it grows through the fence. It's nice and cottagey looking. Thank you for visiting,Have a nice week. x

    1. Hi jeanetteann,
      The lavender grew from a little piece I pinched from somewhere about ten years back it took off but every time I cut it back I plant all the bits, not much takes but I have 3 plants growing all the others died so it's a bit touchy. Nice to hear from you.


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