Monday, 22 October 2012


This little lady sits in my office where I  paint and sew and spend a fair bit of time.

She has lots of friends to keep her company when I'm not there.

The dolls belonged to my daughter.

I guess they are all getting old they need glasses these days.

These three all are wearing new clothes this year.

Here they are all together.

I also have a collection of little houses.

A church.

More little houses.

A few garden pictures, I knew you would miss them.

This was the flower I showed you last week but now it is fully out.

I have started doing a jigsaw this is about 10days worth. 

This little fellow has moved in with us, we are not allowed to get to close yet.


  1. You certainly have lots of nice company, Merle.
    The new kitty friend looks sweet but a bit nervous, lol!
    Last Sunday we found our old garden friend had come back to stay with us again.
    We have a blue tongue lizard who likes to spend his Summer holidays in our backyard :-)
    Have a great day..Trish x

    1. We think this is one of Kidneys kids which went missing a couple of years ago but can't get close enough to check if she is a girl and desexed it may be her, they look very simular.
      All the best Merle........

  2. Such a cute collection of dolls and beautiful photos of the flowers!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      The dolls are my daughters but the flowers are mine.

  3. Your dolls, little houses and flowers are all so adorable, Merle. Thanks for sharing them! Also, thanks for your visits and comments to my blog, too! Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      Likewise, I do like people to visit and comment,it makes it all worthwhile.

  4. Hi Merle....I like the new clothes you made for your little friends.....and I so relate to getting old(er) and having glasses....
    have a good week..Barb

    1. Hi Barb,
      How are things, I glad you christmas gathering went well just read your report looks like everyone had a good time.
      Merle .......

  5. I have two dolls and a boatload of bears with a lamb or two tossed in. It's too hard to let them go so I hold on. A room filled with your favorite things sounds delightful.

    Yes, I have been blessed with a man who loves to stay busy plus he is a carpenter/contractor by trade and knows his stuff.

    1. Hi Vee,
      It is hard to let to let things go, they have memories attached sometimes you slip back in the past by just looking at something.
      You are so lucky to have carpenter especially one who likes to keep busy mine talks a lot, so he is good company.

  6. Lots going on in this post!
    The garden shot at the end with the kitty is my favorite. How lovely!
    The houses and the dolls make things homey and inviting.
    The blooms are gorgeous!

  7. HI Carol,
    It is busy but I only do it once a week, I was trying for a another picture of our cat visitor but she is a bit shy and I only got one.


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