Friday, 17 January 2020

A long hot summer but the rains have come at last.

This is my front side garden  usually a mass of flowers but after the big dry this summer most are not flowering and some are dead now nothing much kills geraniums but this summer has been very very hot. I took these photos a week or ago before the rains hit.
Striped wandering dew another very hardy plant, but dying off in the heat.

The ends of leaves are burning off in the heat.

 But the rains have come most of the bush fires have been controlled lots of damage to homes and the bush not to mention the loss of wildlife.
 Most things have burnt ends but the green is starting to come back.
 and I have puddles in the back yard
 These are all pots so I moved them all under cover and watered when allowed so they have not suffered much damage

 Even the herbs are picking up

 This is moth vine it is not the prettiest thing but it was green and usually I pull it out but when it is all you have that is green you leave it there.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh, I am so glad the wet stuff arrived - hope it stays a while to really cleanse your air! I used to think after those extended hot spells, that I could actually hear the earth drinking the water as it fell... YAM xx

  2. I read about the rain this morning. I was so happy. I hope you get a little more. As much as you want!

  3. I read about the rains yesterday, I'm so glad they've arrived, my feet are sore from "rain dancing" ha ha. You did get quite a bit of sunburned leaves but overall your garden has come through quite well. I expected a lot more sunburn on my plants, but the cool days waterings seems to have helped, most of my things are green still, only the mint and catmint suffered badly.

  4. Hooray for rain. We have had a very little (and quite a bit of hail). More is forecast and I have everything crossed it arrives.
    I am always amazed at what a difference rain makes. A friend once told me that 'you can keep things alive watering them, but they need rain to grow'. I think she was right.

  5. I am glad you had rain, those fires were devastating. I am sure your garden and plants love the rain water. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend!

  6. Glad the rains have finally arrived.

  7. It is great to see a garden become green after some good rain.

  8. Thanks goodness it has rained, but I believe in some places it's a bit flooded.
    You garden will come back after the rain.

  9. I can't begin to imagine the feeling of euphoria you must have when the rain arrives after such a prolonged drought. I hope it will be just enough and there will be no flooding.

  10. i felt for these plants ,they seems to starve for rain
    how amazing that rain showered upon your area eventually dear Merle

    i really wish scientist can help with balancing rains someday ,may be it can be possible


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