Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A few days in Hamilton.

We are off to visit the twins cousin and his parents.
Pretty flowers.

This is one great fire engine
Who wouldn't want one in their back yard.
I'm off and racing.
This is Molly a very old cat who has been missing for a day or two, she may not like all these people staying at her place but she must of decided that we were not so bad.
A nice sunny afternoon.
I'm still getting over all the flowers on the lawns everywhere around here.

The little old puppy who lives here  too, answers to the  name of poppy.
Molly again she needs a good brush but I don't think she would let you.
There is a local zoo I only took a few photos there, the twins running down the hill.
and these fellows


  1. Lovely photos, I like the look of Molly the cat and Poppy the dog, Molly looks to have the same rough coat that my Angel had, looks rough but is silky soft.
    I remember when my babies learned to run down hills and how they couldn't quite stop at the bottom.
    Are those white rhinoceros?

  2. Hari Om
    What a beautiful place - I bet you were glad to find your family so settled and in such surroundings! YAM xx

  3. Hello, love the photos of your grandchildren. The flowers are lovely. The puppy dog is adorable. Great photos of the zoo critter. Have a happy day!

  4. beautiful photos! Molly and Poppy puppy are very handsome and those grand babies are growing so fast!!

  5. Such lovely photographs you've shared.
    Your grandchildren are just adorable.
    I thought the fire engine was amazing …

    All the best Jan

  6. Poppy the puppy, haha. I think Molly might need professional groomer. What a great cubby house and lots of room for play.

  7. The twins having a great time and what a beaut place for them to run around.
    Nice photos and i like the rhino's too.

  8. Oh i absolutely fall in love with these little drivers :)))

    what a cherish series of images dear Merle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    loved the sunny afternoon either

    this is great that molly came back and showed her trust and love for you as companion !

    beautiful park so much greenery and these huge scary creatures ,their horn fears me

  9. All your photos are just wonderful and they show what a lovely place New Zealand is. The flowers in the grass look like a ready made garden.

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