Sunday, 30 July 2017

Relaxing in the garden.

This was all recorded and the photos taken last week but I went over to my daughters place on Saturday night last week, the twins were not feeling too good they had a upsetting week and I forgot to take my camera so no baby pictures but I did take  garden pictures.
 I've just spent a couple of hours sleeping in the sun it's the middle of winter but today was 20 + c a lovely day to spend in the garden.
Just a quick clean up and a water every thing is very dry not much rain this winter.

This fellow reminds me of the beer fairy.

Pidge is getting on a bit does anyone know how long these little blokes live.
He is not flying so much now but likes to walk around on the ground.

The pond is full of tiny leaves.
One of the bird cages is full of spider webs no spiders but lots of webs

The sun is low in the sky almost time to go inside before it gets too cold.


  1. I hope the twins are much better now.
    Love your garden - and some rain would be nice.
    We had a warm(ish) day too. It got to 14, but a breeze meant it wasn't nice enough to stay outside long.

    1. The twins are improving my cold is breaking up so I will be gone again this week so will not be on the computer until next weekend.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh for 20 degrees... pigeons average about six years I think... Pidge may have longer, given the protected lifestyle!!! YAM xx

    1. We had him about 8 years now and he was full grown when he was injured.
      The beer fairy found him injured with a broken wing and leg on Roberts road we think he was hit by a car, there was a vet down the road so he was taken down to him but the vet said his chances were slim and he had nowhere to keep him so he ended up at our place we looked after him and he recovered fully but he never goes to far from home, but maybe the wing gets tired quickly.

  3. Hello, Merle, your garden is looking beautiful. Pidge seems to be living the good life there. I smile when your blog header appears, love the cute babies. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

    1. My time with the babies ends in 4 months and not sure what to do with all the extra time I guess I will spend a lot more time on the computer .
      Have a good week.

  4. Hope the babies are doing well now. I would love my garden to be as beautiful as yours. We are having heavy frosts here and badly need rain.

    1. We don't get frosts very often here, but I have noticed dead edges to some of the plants maybe that is what is killing them but we do need some rain it's been such a dry month.

  5. I do hope the twins are feeling better. Nothing worse than a sick baby and two of them is no good!!

  6. I love the metal ladybirds on the leaf.

  7. Your garden is wonderfully interesting, every time, I see something I didn't notice before.

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  9. I hope you are able to get outside for a little while this week. Looks like you and I have the same unknown spammer, eh.

  10. hope winters are enjoyable my friend!
    your yard is amazing and so "full"!!!

    loved everything as it is so pretty and cozy.
    chairs invite to sit and enjoy the lashing surroundings!

  11. That little garden fellow is so funny, Merle. I love looking all around at your garden. The lady bugs are cute, and I like those white chairs. So sorry that the twins aren't feeling too good. I do hope they are better now.

    Have a relaxing Sunday in your garden, Merle.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Garden is decorated amazingly Merle!

    this time pics are bigger so i enjoyed more

    little concerned about you grandchildren as if they are feeling better now .
    My heartiest prays for their well being my friend!

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