Thursday, 18 August 2016

Reflections bubbles and maybe a rats nest.

 This was in the shed I was to use it in the bathroom but forgot it was there and it didn't fit the cupboard, I liked the reflections so spent some time taking photos.
 This is just lacy trees.
 You know who had check it out
 They say curiosity killed the cat but no one mentioned the chicken.
 The Beer Fairy has been playing with this rabbit he blows bubbles changes colour, we found it in the shed when cleaning up.
 You can just see the bubbles if you look closely.

 I bought bulbs in Aldi today Tiger Lillys and Lilly of the valley.

 Even the duck is checking it out  and he is cement,

 Look at all this room bet you it doesn't last long.
There was a lot of plastic and paper all ripped up and made into a nest of sorts under this box maybe mice or maybe rats, the Beer Fairy cleaned it up before I got a picture but no one was home and the cats had caught mice in the back yard near the shed so maybe they were all captured.  


  1. Hari OM
    Love the glass bowl fun and games... it's a pretty thing to gaze into for sure. Bubble Bunny is a timely find - in a year's time, that will create a lot of fun for a growing family.... and for BF!!! Oh yes, mice love packing and dark places... as long as they're not in the house all is well! YAM xx

  2. Hello, I like the reflections and the glass bowl. My Drummy needs a drink? I see the bubbles, cute! Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  3. That glass bowl is some keeper! Speaking of which, the Beer Fairy better not lose the bubble maker before he gets a grandbaby.

  4. Love that glass bowl. And bubbles.
    Much less fond of rats.

  5. That's a cute little bubble blowing rabbit, you could keep it handy to amuse the grandbabies when they're a bit older.
    I like the bowl and the different reflections.

  6. The bowl and reflections are beautiful and Drummy is so cute checking it out. The bubble bunny will be so much fun for the babes to play with their grandad ! I love tiger lilies I'll have to look out for some bulbs, my Dad used to grow them.

  7. It's so fun to get reacquainted with hidden treasures!

  8. .. wow, Merle... I love the glass bowl.. it's beautiful... the reflections are great.... and the colour-changing-bubble-blowing rabbit is fabulous, a good find.. xxxx .... Barb xxx

  9. lol HI Beer Fairy!! The bowl is so lovely. Very classy.

  10. loved your interesting series of pics and sharing beer fairy ?

  11. Oh no, I have to tell you that I have a dreadful fear of mice and rats! I noticed those little men in different colors in your garden. They are sooooo cute. Where did you find those?



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