Sunday, 24 November 2013

Visiting friends and my daughters and her partners new house.

My daughter and her partner have bought a new house, it's much closer to the city centre where they both work so its handy for them but further away from us they were just down the road and around the corner, it's a lovely little house very compact and just right for a couple and their dog.
These are the pretty door knobs on the bedrooms.

This is the tiny basin I have ever seen in a bathroom to me it makes sense. 
I like the bathroom floor the colour is a bit different and I like the border.
Bars on the window so you never had to shut them so always fresh air circulating.
Angus pictures have pride of place.
and have you ever seen a more interesting tissue box, it's catbus.
The kitchen lounge room and dining room are open plan.

The laundry is in a cupboard all tucked away when not in use, what a good idea.
So the kitchen is big with plenty of cupboards make more sense than my place my laundry is twice the size of my kitchen.

There is a small garden easy to look after and a place for Angus to sun bake or relax in the shade on hot days, he can also keep a eye on the people walking past as he can see out of the back gates thats always interesting for a dog they like to watch the passing parade.

There is also a herb garden in a half wine barrel very handy to the kitchen.

And other bit and pieces that make the garden a pleasant place to sit.

And a tiny fireplace.

I also went to visit my friend, her mum has been in hospital and she has been very busy lately so it was good to catch up.
Her sister has come down from the country to spend some time with her family.
and this is her 96 year old mother she is much better now and looking wonderful.
This tree was once on the neighbours land but has grown so much in the last few years it is now on both properties, this is one big tree, it's hard to get it all in one photo so there is a few.

Lovely and shady in summer but blocks the sun in winter, that's a four story block of flats next door and the tree is almost up the top story and has a wide spread.
Well that's it for this week we had more rain but the sun is out today and we are in for fine weather for a few days so I'm going to do some stuff in the garden while it's sunny.


  1. Your daughter found a nice place! It has a pretty outdoor area too. I hope they are happy there! The tree is in your friend's yard, it is big! A great shade tree. Have a happy day!

  2. what a great place your daughter has found, I love that kitchen!! The 96 yearold lady has a lovely little nest created, beautiful photos,

  3. I really like your daughter's place. It all looks lovely and I actually like that tiny basin :)

  4. Nice Merle! Perfect for a Corgi!
    Do I see Swallows on the curtains? Lovely!

    1. I'm not sure will have a look next time I'm there if I remember, i forget a lot these days.

  5. Your daughter has sweet new house. I like her little garden spot. Boy, that tree is a giant but is most likely very cooling in the summer, better than AC.
    Thanks for showing her new house. You'll miss her being near but it's always comforting to be closer to one's work.

  6. Neat little place. I like the bathroom floor.

  7. What a lovely spot - and I love that tree. Angus should be very happy - and I hope his people are too.

  8. Hari Om
    Hi Merle - catching up on reading and commenting - possibly the last time before I arrive in UK!! I adoooooorrreeeddd your last post showing all your paintings; the cats and ducks caught my eye &*> This one showing the delightful new home for your daughter and grand-dog is equally fun. As to the china eggs - I once found some in an "antiques"/2nd hand store... just a thought.

    Sunny Sunday - wonder what Monday holds....?? crazy weather. YAM xx

  9. Your daughter and partners new home is lovely! Love the nice white and bright kitchen. That little sink is too cute:)

  10. Sitting here freezing cold, and thinking of summer, and there you are. Congrats on the new house, it's cute and charming.


  11. May daughter's lovely new home grow as wonderful as your own in time!
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  12. What a lovely home your daughter has... she gets her decorating skillz from YOU! :)

  13. I love brick buildings and that red strip of tile around the kitchen is just wonderful.

  14. Beautiful house with beautiful garden surrounded by.

  15. Sweet little house, I'm glad there's a bit of yard for Angus. I've seen laundries in cupboards before, but never one so tiny as that. It's really compact. I love the bathroom floor.

  16. Hello Merle...Oh, was that Barb you visited? Was that her mum in the hospital? Hope all is well. Your daughter's home looks comfy.

    Thanks so much for all your visits! Susan

  17. ...Merle... I love the photos of your daughter's new place.... the touches of red in the kitchen are great.....and a nice yard for Angus..... wishing them lots of happiness there.... Barb xxxx

  18. Hi Merle
    Your daughters new place looks a great home - plenty of space and storage, and I like the idea of the kitchen next to the living room so you can chat whilst you cook. And its great when you have space out of the kitchen for the laundry machines.

    The outside looks ideal too - love the rich red of the walls against the plants.
    Thanks for visiting my blog too Merle.
    Have a great week!
    Gill xx

  19. Wow..fabulous new home..congrats to I love that charming door knob..and love all of the pics of your family..beautiful..your mum is so sweet! I love the garden too..gorgeous house..lots to enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing this new adventure...wonderful to see..many blessings!


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