Saturday, 2 November 2013

A busy week

This is my new hydrangea it's a great colour bet you it turns blue or dies, I have since planted in my soil  in a larger pot so we will see.

I'm amazed how much the maple has grown.
I'm not sure why this photo is here maybe it's to remind me to finish painting the shed.

The franny is shooting well this is the pink one so I want this to work, they are a bit rarer than the yellow or white ones.

Vegies and herbs doing well.

 This is a friend of ours who dropped in for a cuppa who does he remind you of, he has just had eye operations to remove cataracts and no longer needs glasses, he always looked a bit like the jolly fellow in the red suit but more so now.
 And of course he bought his wife too
 So I got a couple photo.
 The beer fairy and a friend of ours who owns a farm down down south took some lambs down to run on his land, he took 6 down last week but when they went down they were missing but he gone down again this weekend to see if he can find them. The beer fairy has renamed him Little Bo Peep, lucky they are good friends. They may have wondered on to a neighbouring farm as the roos had knocked down some of the fences, I hope he finds them.
 But they tackled half the tree, we will have to take out the whole tree but will do a bit at time it just got  to big and is so close to the shed and the other tree.
 It would have been nice if they waited till I took the washing off the line, but men no sense in stopping them when they get started.
 Also next door is making progress all plumbing and foundations down, the slab is being poured today.
 Cement trucks coming and going all day today.

At least the washing will get dry quicker now.
 The beer fairy and bo peep bought some cuttings from the farm so if they take I will have lots of Hydrangeas, I put them in the old wheelbarrow so I could move them around till I find a area they like.
 My driveway is full again now it has tree cuttings and a big bag of sheep poo from the farm.

 More cement arriving
 The red door is up and repainted, its nice and solid and bright and cheery.


  1. I would have guessed Burl Ives.
    The red door is fabulous!

    1. Well I was talking about Santa but now you mention it he does look like him Burl Ives I mean.

  2. I like blue hydrangeas so I won't mind if yours go blue.

    1. I was going to try for both colours.

  3. It sounds like a really busy time around your place!

  4. Hari OM
    Such a pretty pink - and the door is FAB!!! YAM xx

    1. The pink is going bluey and I love my door.

  5. The red door looks brilliant.
    I have never seen a hydrangea that colour - I do hope it keeps its colour for you.

    1. I think it is already turning blue slightly but I don't mind as long as it grows.

  6. Love that red door, Merle! Your gardens are coming along nicely - love your nicknames for the guy's - you always make me laugh. Hope they find the lambs - it sounds strange to have 'roos' knocking down the fences! Here it is elk always doing the damage. Hope all your fires are out now. xo

    1. The fires are still going but a lot of back burning has contained most of them, what we need is lots of rain but it's going to be a dry summer this year.
      No word on the lambs yet.

  7. You're so lucky to have Santa and Mrs Claus visit you!
    Ask at the nearest nursery about what to add to your soil to keep the hydrangea pink. There is something, I just don't remember it. Good luck with the frangipani, I love them, especially the pink ones but they don't grow for me.
    The door looks fabulous!

  8. I think it's acid and alkali but don't know which does which.
    I'm hoping the frangipani flowers this year but no flowers forming yet.
    I do love my door.

  9. I love hydrangeas,and yours is just the colour I want!
    Please tell your friend that I have been a very good girl this year and so I should go on the 'nice' list!
    Jane x

  10. I don't think I will keep the colour, I put in a good word for you.

  11. I love hydrangeas but I think it's too hot for them here....they like to be semi-shaded, don't they? I love frangipani flowers as I remember stringing necklaces together with the flowers when I was a child. New homes go up so fast used to take three months, now they're up in a month! All seems well and happy in Merlesworld....have a lovely weekend! :)

  12. I love the hydrangea and the pretty color. Does your St Nick friend receive Christmas wish list? Happy weekend!

  13. I always think of the Garden of Eden when I look at your place. I'm glad you got some friend time!

  14. That is certainly a very red door!! Love it!
    Your Hydrangeas are a lovely pink!! I don't remember what you have to do to the soil to keep them pink? Such a lovely garden - always!!
    I've been thinking about you and the fires that you had- guess they have been put out?? Do hope so!!

  15. Oh, I love red shiny doors. The Mrs. would also look the part if she were dressed in red and white. About that time again. I think he could double as a green garden elf in the summer. He just needs a different cap. Lovely post.

  16. ...LOVE the red door and the Hydrangeas...I don't know what makes the colour change either... but Mum's one was blue but in my garden it's gone pink....
    Thanks for afternoon tea the other day... I'm glad you can get to the washing, now...
    Barb xx...aka,,Mrs Clause

  17. Everything looks so lush and alive. Especially love the red door!


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