Monday, 21 October 2013

The door is up and some of my garden has been cooked.

As you can see I now have a back door, it's been sanded and undercoated well sort of I just did the areas that were sanded but I have no red enamel so I will get some next weekend and finish her off.
She was just too big so she had to be cut down and fitted but she is very solid not like some of the new doors today and she was a good price, free you just can't beat that, this one came from my son's house.s
I think it should be all red, I had ideas of painting the squares white with a black trim and the rest red but it's just too hot for fiddling.

The cats scored a new water bowl, it keeps the water cooler and the birds and lizards can use it too.
The back yard looks so much better without a door in the middle of it.
Everything is so dry, I was doing a spot of weeding but it's too hot it will have to wait for a cooler day.
Angus was helping

See so much has died in the heat
But the grapes are going to be wonderful this year.
See they have tiny grapes forming already, the last two summers have been cool and wet but not this year.
vegies coming along well
And the bougainvilleas will be a picture they are starting early.

This is a bronze one but it also has red flowers too.

And my light purple one is just starting too.

This little dove flew into Pidges cage and got stuck down the bottom so I will have to take Angus inside till the little fellow finds his way out, Angus will bark at him and they fly at the mesh and hurt themselves, the cage is open at the top but for some reason some of them end up on the bottom and they take a while to find the way to go.
Lots of food down there they are all messy eaters, the bush fires are still going, today is warm but no wind but it is expected to pick up on Wednesday, it's burning in the gullies in the mountains some areas are very hard to get to.  If the three major fires join the front will be 300 kls long, they said on the news this morning, lets hope it's under control before that happens.
So far 200 houses have been burnt down and many more damaged.
Our mountains have not been on fire like this since the 60's but then not so many  people lived in that area so many more people are affected now, it is a beautiful area to live but there are dangers.
We all hope it will end soon and a big storm with lots of rain would be most welcome.
Bye for now Merle...............


  1. You have grapes too?? Now I'm really jealous!
    Are you able to put up some shadecloth over that area where the things died from the heat?
    The door looks wonderful in place and I can easily imagine it all glossy red.
    I'm watching the fires on the news, (when I remember to turn it on). Which mountains do you live in? Blue mountains?

    1. We don't live in the Blue Mountains, we live in the suburbs of Sydney but the blue mountains are about 40 miles away all the smoke and soot from the fires comes down and sits over the Sydney basin, thats why our skies are so smoky.
      We have black musket grapes but I can't eat grapes anymore I react to them but the beer fairy loves them.
      I will show the door when it's finished.

  2. Love your garden. And your door.
    And yes, rain and rather a lot of it will be welcome.
    We are getting the smoke up here now too. And my heart goes out to the people and animals in the affected areas.

  3. ...Love the door, Merle......and I think keeping it red is a good could paint some of the plant pots in the yard red, too....just one here and there to tie in to the door..... I love red in a garden....
    Hugs ..... Barb .... xx

    1. That's not a bad idea I will do that.

  4. I didn't realise it was going as far as your area it's not too good if you have breathing problems, the animals and wildlife always are so badly off in these fires, lots of rain would help.

  5. There is a bougainvillea called Raspberry Ice, I think. It is the most wonderful red colour. Do you have that?

    Well done on the door.

    It is not even summer yet, yet you are suffering so much. Fingers crossed that authorities are being alarmist about later in the week.

  6. Love that door,what a great colour to paint it. Isn't it hot too early. I hope those fires die down soon. It' s so frightening to watch.

  7. My sister lives near one of the 'out of control' fires. She just bought a fireproof box for her documents. The pictures she sent of the smoke look frightening.
    Jane x

  8. I hope you're safe from the fire area. How sad that all those homes have burned.

  9. Hari OM
    Your garden is looking stunning Merle - I adore bougainvilleas.

    Yes the fires are a big worry - that smoke is troubling the asthma. We were 'synching' it seems for I have posted blogs for the rest of the week and some of the contents echo your desire for the big early storm...

    Have had to come up to the good old council library to get a decent wifi connection... the one i bought just will not give me more than HTML email and even that is a struggle. Have been missing all my blogpals, but I'm still here folks!!! YAM xx

  10. Oh I just love red doors - keep it red.

  11. Free is awesome! I think the red will go with your lovely couch. :)

  12. What a heavenly place you created!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  13. Yes, a red door will be lovely.
    I listen to reports of the fire. One of the Information Officers said yes, they have better equipment and methods than in the sixties, but they also have more people and property to protect. I wish you rain.

  14. I just love, love, love your place and all the work you do there.


  15. yes it's a battle to keep the watering up to our gardens this time of year; I try to do it towards the end of day when I can so it has all night to settle down where its needed and the plants revive overnight.

  16. Great outdoor shots. We are done with all green and blooming here for the season I am afraid. A few mums left and the grass will be mowed once more and that is pretty much it- xo Diana


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