Thursday, 24 October 2013

A cool breeze and no smoke so open windows all round.

It's so nice to have the windows open after the last week with them shut because of the smoke.
A lovely breeze coming from the south cool and fresh will air the house out and the weather is just right today after the heat and the hot westerly winds of the last couple of days.
The fires are still burning but the weather has improved so the firefighters are getting on top of them slowly.

 Every window is open today.
I've been up in the craft room today doing a bit of sewing and bits and pieces. I think the dolls are happy for some fresh air too.

 We had a friend stay overnight last night he is off to New Zealand today but had to work  today.
He redid his packing last night he is only going for a few days but had enough for 3 weeks, he always stays in this room likes the bed very comfy and he does have the dolls for company, and next week my son is down for a week,  he likes the other guest room.  

 My daughter gave me this she has less room in the new house, they move in a few weeks life is getting busy, this is hand made and quite lovely and I can always find envelopes and stamps.
 My front verandah got a good clean today.
My outdoor coffee table was covered in leaves and soot
 so was my other table
 This is for wet umbrellas not got much use lately.
 As you can see not much has happened next door
 Lots of holes and I think the plumbing has gone in.
 I like one of these boy they look like lots of fun


  1. Your windows are just so pretty, Merle! So glad you are seeing a break in those terrible fires! Love your craft/sewing room and your guest room looks so nice and cozy - I would not want to leave. Your tile tables are great and all your pottery, too. You have such a creative and interesting home, I love when you take us around. xo

  2. Your house looks so beautiful. Curtains for the windows are nice. Your dolls dresses looks so good. Good work of you.

  3. Isn't it lovely to be able to open the windows again!
    I'm glad to hear the fires are getting under control and hope they are soon safely out.
    your house and verandah are looking lovely.

  4. Lovely and evocative open window photo. The writing set is nice.

  5. I love your windows!
    So glad that the smoke has must have been awful for people with breathing difficulties.
    Jane x

  6. such a beautiful home you have, I always enjoy seeing the area you live in,

  7. Your craft room had me smiling, and those dolls are so cute. I love dolls too, especially cloth dolls. I would love to have a craft room like this, but no room for it in the house. What a unique envelope and stamp holder, and how special that it was hand made. I loved browsing through some of your rooms today. I really liked the room with the green walls. It's so charming.


  8. I have a guest room for the first time ever! After many years of children sharing and not enough room, my grown up children can come and stay without getting covered in 'stuff'! Thanks for sharing glimpses of your home Merle. :)
    Jess x

  9. You have a few treasures Merle, love the stationary box and the windows!
    So happy to hear the smoke is almost gone!

  10. I am in love with the windows in your home! They are stunning! As is your craft room! You have so many wonderful pieces Merle!

  11. Isn't it wonderful that the fires are at least under control, if not out. Love your home nearly as much as I do your garden.

  12. I can almost smell the fresh air. I happy your firefighters are less in danger.

  13. I'm glad you are out of danger. Your home looks lovely.

  14. Holy schnikey...if we had windows like these here...I can't even imagine. They're gorgeous! So glad you're safe from the fires and thank you SO much for commenting on my little mens video's:)

  15. I do rather like that handmade box from your daughter. Useful and beautiful.

  16. Your windows are so pretty, Merle, and just look at your craft room - how fun! So glad you are safe :) Happy weekend to you. Hugs!

  17. Yes, it's certainly good to be able to breathe fresh air again! Can't open all my windows yet...still a bit "nippy" here.
    Your craft room is lovely and colourful, Merle.
    Hope the house next door will be a pretty one for you to see through those gorgeous lead-lights!
    Have a great Saturday :-)

  18. Merle..... I love your beautiful windows......and the stationary box is great.... We have been able to open our house for a while, too..... no smoke is so nice...... Mum gets cold so we can't have everything open for long......
    Hugs Barb xx

  19. Those windows are amazing.

    I am glad the fires are out. We are in fire season in our area and despite the fact that rain was predicted for yesterday, it didn't happen. I honestly can't remember the last time it rained which doesn't bode well for fire seasonl


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