Friday, 16 November 2012

Walking to Auburn on a rainy day

This is my house I'm leaving it about 11am there is a break in the rain so lets walk. 

This little house is next door it's two very small houses, in the yellow house on the right lives a single lady in her 40's.  In the pink house is a single man in his 40's (it was painted pink before he bought it) he is not good with painting as you can see from the gate.  

I walked down this side street till I came to the walking track by Duck creek.

These trees have interesting trunks.

They have only been planted on one side of the street, see the two story pink cubby house.

The walking track has a fair bit of trees and bush around it.

This is Duck Creek usually there is ducks must be too wet today.

Not too far to the houses in places.

More creek this was taken from the bridge. 

Just walking along the road.

More tree bark, these trees smell great when it rains you can't beat the smell of australian gum tree.

This is the walking track so it's easy going.

It's just starting to rain again so I will wait until the bus comes now, hope it's soon. Well that was my walk to Auburn well half way I will take you the other half on a sunny day.


  1. Now this is a title I could use because that's the name of a nearby town right here in my corner. Ten miles might be a long walk, though. What's a cubby house? I've no idea.

    1. Hi Vee,
      Auburn is about a mile and a bit away from here so it's a nice walk.
      A cubby house is a little house in the back yard thats just for kids, the doors and windows are to small for adults sort of a tree house without the tree.

  2. Walking is my favorite form of exercise. Always nice to take a virtual walk in another country. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my corner of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Interesting about the cubby house. Thanks for asking, Vee!
    The shots of the tree bark are great.

  4. I didn't know you had a creek so close to you, Merle.
    It adds some more nice scenery for your walks.
    Hope you didn't have to wait too long for the bus!
    It's fun seeing the differnt types of houses.
    And I agree with you - there's nothing like the smell of good old Aussie gum trees :-)
    Thanks for taking us with you..looking forward to next walk.

  5. Hello Merle! Good for you walking! Thanks for all the great photo, too! Great job! Also, I want to thank you for your visits and comments to my blog. You are always so very, very welcome. Susan

  6. That's a nice way to walk ! These little houses are really very small ! Interesting tree trunks too !

  7. Hi Merle...I enjoyed walking with have taken some interesting photos...looking forward to the next walk.


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