Saturday, 24 November 2012

Last week in the garden.

This is our new cat I think, I learnt her history the other day from our neighbours.  They gave her to a friend of theirs and they moved away and didn't take the cat so she returned to her former home but they now have dogs so she moved in with us, she is the black and white one, I am happy to have her. 

This little fellow wanted to move it with us too but I do draw the line somewhere, the beer fairy put him in a tree out the front, if he knows whats good for him he will move on. 

Kidney is just testing to see the food is not bad, it wasn't her dinner it was the other cats. 

It was a pretty good day today under the trees.

These two look pretty relaxed.

I painted my little birdbath, it freshens it up for summer.

This is doing well we have had some zacinnies off it so far.( you know those long green things I can't spell it)

The corn has ears and the tomatos are producing little green balls.

And this is a strange little pea of some sort. 

The rest of the garden is all going ahead.

This is my climbing yellow rose, I had 4 flowers this year so far.

The lemon tree produced many flowers then they all fell off and nothing so far.(it's days are numbered)

Leeroy strolled out looking for food.

Pity she was a bit late they left her nothing she will have to wait for tea, my cats only get three or four meals a day. 

I think I will have a nap.


  1. How lovely to look at your summer garden, when we are entering into our winter...

    Thanks for your comment about our family photos...we are an interesting lot! :)


    1. Hi Deanna,
      I was enjoying Summer too until today it was supper hot all of a sudden not that i asking for Winter back it was a cold one this year and we don't do cold very well.

  2. Hi Merle,
    Your garden is looking so lush and green, its lovely.
    Glad the veges are starting to produce for you.
    welcome to the new cat....does he have a name yet?
    Have a good day
    Barb xx

    1. Hi Barb,
      No name yet, but we now know she is not the cat that went missing a while back I surpose a new name should be found, any ideas.

  3. Oh good Lord, Merle. Was that a spider in the bottle? I would have a heart attack. Your garden looks lush. I'm sure you will enjoy all the wonderful veggies. Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      That was a spider we do get some good ones down here but he is not dangerous, mainly the ones that come inside are ok except the sydney funnel web who is very bad but i never seen one they are shy but get agressive when disturbed.

  4. Well, you can keep that huge spider, Merle {{{shudder!}}}.
    Only two legged things are allowed in our house these days,lol!
    Your garden is looking great - I just LOVE the beautiful shade you get from your trees!
    Our tomatoes are running behind yours because of late frosts.
    It's good to see fruit and vegies coming on in our gardens now, isn't it :-D
    Your new cat is such a cutie - she deserves a better life with you and your other fur-babies!
    Is it hot at your place today?
    We are starting to swelter here!

    1. Hi Trish,
      It's super hot today, thats why I'm inside with the blinds down, only a couple of days ago I was sitting on the lounge with a blanket, weid weather lately, even under the trees is hot today.
      Its good having a vegi garden it's been a while, never had time before.

  5. Hi! Thanks for visiting my post and blog today - I have been in Ohio! My son and his family live there. Are you a new blogger? Do you follow people back? I like your garden - not the spider! lol. Love the Eiffel Tower and your cats. Love, snadie

    1. Hi Snadie,
      Sometimes the computer works for me and sometimes it says no, what it has been doing lately, so I can't follow at the moment, I need a new router I think but I usually answer most people on here when it's working. I'm a bit puzzled what is the Eiffel tower is. Is it the white thing, I think it was ment to be a windmill not sure the beer fairy(husband) made it.

    2. I just figured out what you ment of course that was the Eiffel tower, I was in France last year about this time with a friend I had forgotten it was there


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