Thursday, 3 October 2019

Our QLD holiday

This little fellow was just over being a baby when he left Sydney they have grown so much.
Clemy is not as big but much wiser and grown up well sometimes.
Dad is just relaxing

They gathered firewood for the fire, little sticks are always needed.

Four chicken provide a lot of eggs.
Feeding the birds not shy at all and they ended up with half my sandwich

The devil just woke up

and popped out to say hello

Wearing sunglasses upside down a new fashion
or in the eye

or not at all

The pool was not ready for swimming and just a bit on the cold side yet

My grand daughter likes the camera well sometimes and she takes a good photo where her brother likes playing with cars more .
So we had a photo shoot the beer fairy got into a few photos

And one of my daughter

The other little house on my son farm
The second last day we played golf, well the fellows played golf we would be still there if I played, it is a long way between holes mainly pulled the golf buggy around but did stop to take some photos.
Birds feeding on the greens
And these three
and these too

A duck family
The beer fairy likes sand well he ended up in it a fair bit

So much study and concentration in hitting a ball.

This little fellow stopped to watch


  1. Lovely, lovely photos of what looks like an amazing holiday.
    And goodness how the twins have GROWN...

  2. Now looks like everyone had wonderful time.
    Coffee is on

  3. Looks like a fabulous holiday. The twins have grown so much. Clemy certainly loves hamming it up for the camera. Love the upside down sunglasses.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh Merle - they'll be at school... then teenagers before you know it!!! What a great trip you seem to have had though; great to have a farm to gather on &*> Is that Australia Zoo at Beerwah ... or the DF Wildife park at Tellebudgera? Fab for the kids - and the not-kids (Love that t-shirt &*>) YAM xx

  5. So many good photos. Water dragons are so cool.

  6. Wow! so many great photographs you've shared.
    It looks a super holiday … and my how the twins have grown.

    All the best Jan

  7. .. great photos Merle... glad the weather was kind to you .. love the campfire and the kids collecting wood .. xxx ..
    the children are gorgeous. xxx

  8. wow so much fun dear Merle :)))

    your grand kids are absolute DELIGHT ,specially your granddaughter to watch specially your grand daughter pauses just like an excellent model lol she is so pretty indeed and so is your daughter :)

    park and zoo look gorgeous and serene
    i found the images with round window interesting

    happy times of family get together are always best memories in life :)


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