Sunday, 15 September 2019

Days in the spring sun

We have had wonderful weather in the last week so time to get stuff done in the garden
Morning tea chair Pidge often joins me for a drink out of the bird bath.
This is all clipped back and bark added it's a bit on the bright side but will fade slowly to a more natural colour.
I working around the garden slowly cleaning and replacing dead plants.
On cooler days i finished my painting.

This drawing looked a bit odd I think the hands are a bit to small.

Often if you take a picture you can see things differently, do you like the frame I made that.


  1. Hari OM
    Yes, the frame is lovely - and leaving the hands out definitely improves the overall effect. The garden is looking 'spruce'! YAM xx

  2. We have had very varied days. Love your garden and am super impressed with your drawing - and the framing. You are right, it is better without the hands.

  3. The garden is tip top. The picture is perfectly improved, and I love the little frame.

  4. The garden is lovely with the fresh bark. I need to get some for my patch, it's mostly bushes with no walking areas, but all the bark is long gone, so new mulch is needed. I like your drawing.

  5. The bark really sets off the plants in your garden. I like the painting with your handmade frame very much and can see the love between you and your granddaughter.

  6. Hello, your garden is looking lovely. The bark does look fresh. I agree the second drawing looks nice without the hands. Well done! Have a happy day and week ahead.

  7. .. nice post Merle … I like the bark too .. and I love your drawing .. xxxx
    I looked at your other posts and I love Pidge's nest behind the door .. xxxx
    I have a lot to do in my garden too … but it will have to wait until all the rain goes away .. lol .. hehehe.. xxxx
    ..have a good week .. love .. Barb xx

  8. Your garden is looking good.
    I do like your drawing and frame.

    All the best Jan

  9. The garden looks lovely, Merle. I imagine the twins are growing like coconut trees, too! Your paintings? Wonderful. Thank you kindly for your sweet visits and for your comments, too. Hope you have a good weekend.


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