Sunday, 21 July 2019

To cold outside I'm inside today.

 I'm doing the inside today to cold outside at the moment maybe later when the sun comes out I will venture outside.
 Lovely fire but oh so messy.

 I'm minding Missie, Bow Peeps little dog for a few hours  he knows where to go get warm in the beer fairy's blanket and have a warm sleep  till his owner comes back
So I'm just taking some photos, I have lots of butterflies in odd parts of the house.
My reading room and the spare room very nice in here in the summer  lots of cool winds from the south not so good in winter.
all year lots of light.
My tiny bathroom no bath any more to hard to get in and out.
My corrinder lives here lots of light and gets watered often.

The other spare bedroom Boo peep has slept here a few years on week days but has now retired and moved to the farm he only visits now every few weeks.
It is now the office or painting and sewing room.
My bedroom.


  1. Your home looks so very welcoming - for man or for beast.

  2. Hari OM
    I too think this is a proper home - lots of knick-knacks and 'makings' and colour and (even if you're not feeling it just now) warmth! YAM xx

  3. Your home looks loved and I like that. I have the opposite problem, too hot to go outside today. Blah!

  4. Your house is always bright and cheery, summer and winter.

  5. Gorgeous photos and your home looks very cosy.

  6. oh you have such beautiful cozy house dear friend :)

    i loved peeking in
    so much to look at ,loved each bit of your decoration and comfy bed and sitting area

    fire is blessing in winters indeed ,enjoy your tea or coffee with good movie or book

    i also so love images of you and your husband at sidebar so precious moments :)))

  7. You have a Butterfly House :) A lovely colourful butterfly house. I like your fire, I know they're messy things, but watching the flames is so soothing. I miss having a wood heater.

  8. you do have a lot of butterflies "fluttering about the house"!! we had a regular fireplace and we transformed it to a gas fireplace and it is a lot cleaner. just as warm and we get the same effect, i like it better. your home looks warm and cozy!!

  9. Lovely photographs, your home looks nice, cosy and welcoming.

    All the best Jan

  10. The first image looks like the setting for a still life painting.

  11. beautiful, it's hard to think of you being in "winter" mode when we are baking our brains.......thanks for the recent comment on my blog. I wish they still came in emails so I could reply when they come in. I don.t know why that changed. Luv Janice


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