Monday, 5 June 2017

It's getting cold here.

It is cold outside I was spending time cleaning up the garden but needed a bit of warmth so I light the outdoor fire. 
The potato crop was a bit light

The fairies are happy their garden is cleaned up.
And the bench but the leaves are still falling.
This is the next job to tackle the jasmine it has gone wild all the way up into the trees.

Leeroy up a tree chasing birds she hasn't a hope in hell of catching.
but it keeps her happy and the birds are safe.

Kidney is staying close to the fire, she is a old cat and feels the cold these days a bit like me.

The sun is coming out

and it's warming up

But the beer fairy is feeling the cold.
Nice day after all but tomorrow it is going to rain well that's according to the weather bureau.
They got it wrong no rain today.


  1. It is on the cool side here too. And they are talking about possible snow tomorrow night. I will believe it when I see it.
    Love your garden - and an outdoor fire is always nice.

    1. I just looked up where you live thinking it was Canberra has it snowed there before, I know it gets very cold but snow that's like snowing in Campbelltown and that has never happened as I remember .

    2. It is Canberra and it does snow here. Not often, and it doesn't usually last, but it does snow.

  2. Hari OM
    Cold and wet here too... but that's not news! One potato, two potato... you have been busy and the garden is looking much fresher. If colder... YAM xx

  3. Cold here too all of a sudden. Warm greetings for the week!

  4. I cannot take cold at all. I'm inside in the winter--and these cold springs in this hemisphere!

  5. That's a find looking fire you have. I'm with Kidney, stay close to the fire.

  6. I would stay close to the fire. Nothing like a fire for true warmth!

  7. The fire looks inviting, hope it kept you warm outside.

  8. Potatoes travel while growing, dig a bit wider around and you might find more.
    Your garden is looking lovely and I like the idea of a fire, you can feel warmer just looking at the flames.

  9. Even though it's winter for you, it must not get too awefully cold since your plants in your garden seem to be tropical!! You always have a lovely garden on your patio!!!


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