Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Off to look after the twins.............

Well last week was a bit slow, I managed to paint my birds in and buy a new pair of thongs the feet kind not the other ones.
Next week I will be missing, off to help look after the twins, their other granny is going back to NZ tomorrow.

They were very expensive $2  the ones in Kmart were $10 and they didn't have fake diamonds on them.


  1. Hari OM
    Now that's a chic set of footwear!!! Love the birds... go hug those kids!!! YAM xx

  2. Hello, your birds and painting are pretty. The flip flops are cute. Enjoy your time with your grandbabies. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. And babies.

  4. The painting is fabulous, really, really good. I like the thongs, they're pretty and only $2!
    Have a wonderful time with the twins, give them kisses from me.

  5. About the corellas hanging around. They are doing the same at my mother's, where they are eating the seed pods from a liquid amber tree. The keep dropping them on the old bird aviary roof and it makes quite a noise. She said they will move on once the tree is bare of pods.

  6. Your painting is beautiful,love your new thongs and your nail polish. Have a great time with your grandbabies.

  7. Your birds look good...thongs are nice. Have a good time with the twins.

  8. .. great thongs Merle.....
    .. I love your painting ...
    .. give the babies a cuddle and kiss from me..
    .. Barb xxxx

  9. Another fantastically beautiful painting.
    Thongs always look like freedom for the feet and I
    love them on others but I keep stubbing my already
    over-injured dance toes.
    Aren't you the lucky gram to spend time with
    those precious ones.

  10. Beautiful painting, Merle - wish I was there in that scene! Your thongs are cute - enjoy your cuddle time with the babies :) xx K

  11. Great Baby shots and you're an awesome artist!!! Great "catch" of the ocean wave!!! Have fun with the twins!!

  12. I do so wish I could wear thongs, I see so many pretty ones. Alas they hurt my toes, I guess they are too fat and the thong rubs between the toes. Those babies are adorable and I love your painting. Just had to stop and say so. Luv Janice


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