Sunday, 17 August 2014

Angus has fun days in the sun then the heavens open.

What to do with two pot drip trays, two candle holders and a broken roof.
It can be three stories
Or two, I painted it and left it outside but we had a small shower and a lot of paint washed off so I had another go.
But no rain today
Lots of lovely sunshine.

My garden boxes are falling apart, will see if I can make them a bit stronger.

 Angus likes a sleep on the warm pavers.
 Will you go away and stop disturbing me.
 Kidney off for a wander.

 Drummy looking for grubs and worms.
 Things have changed here, that chicken just kills all my favourite plants.
 Drummy's bed is very popular with Leroy
 But that was a few days ago, Angus has now gone home and today it has just poured rain all morning well at least I will not have to sweep the paths they are having a good wash.
 Puddles everywhere

 Even in my kitchen.

 But the other day I had lots of time in the garden, this is a bay tree from my sons house it took agers to get it out of the pot, tried not to do any damage to the roots so had to cut it out very carefully.
 And put some wood around my garden boxes just to give them a bit more surport when the rain has gone they will get a coat of paint.

 Angus is checking out new things in the garden and the new neighbours, he is a bit confused with all  the strange voice's that he can hear on the other side of the fence.

Well goodbye now I going inside for a nana nap looks like Angus is coming too.


  1. Love your furry friends! And that water in the kitchen reminds me of the water that comes in our family fun. I always enjoy looking into your garden as it is like a tropical oasis!! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  2. Loving your garden - and all its residents.
    We had some beautiful days last week but the rain has arrived today. More than welcome rain - we had got very, very dry.
    No puddles in the kitchen though. I hope your leak can be fixed quickly.

  3. I like your little drip saucer construction. See you again soon Angus.

  4. Why is it, either too much or too little rain? I enjoy looking at your garden in pictures but I'd love to see it for real and gather in all the earth smells and fragrances. Your art is showing in your flower pot creation.

  5. We've had non stop rain for days's miserable.
    I'd love a bay tree but they won't survive here...One of our neighbours in the UK had a HUGE was gorgeous.
    Jane x

  6. Love all the news from Sydney. Hope your winter continues on well.

  7. Hari OM
    The pagoda is great fun - I love how your creativity spills out everywhere around you Merle! Always enjoy your anifamily shots too. YAM xx

  8. you make the best garden creations, I wish you were closer I have a bunch of stuff you could use I'm sure, lol, that Angus is so cute, he is a very handsome dog! Leroy looks pretty comfy!

  9. I like your garden creation! Also, nice to see Angus out and about :)

  10. Nothing like a good downpour of rain ... except in the kitchen! Crikey ...

  11. Spring is coming and will provide you with good weather for your garden projects. Looks as if you are making a little pagoda among other things. Sorry that the roof is leaking. That's never any fun!

  12. Everything looks so bright and fresh after a good rain doesn't it? I like the new ornament you made.

  13. OH NO! Not a roof leak! So expensive. And disheartening.

  14. Lovely photos, Merle. Sorry about the roof leak.

  15. Love all your pets and the sunflowers. You are happy it's spring and winter is over - and I am happy it's fall and summer is over!


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