Wednesday, 5 February 2014

After fun on the beach.

This morning we tried to book our trip to the reef and guess what all trips to the reef are cancelled for the week because a cyclone is forming off the coast and a king tide is expected so we hired a car and went exploring around the local area.
This is at Bowen where the mangoes grow or so I always thought but this was the only one I saw and it didn't look to tasty, but the green ant likes it.

well enough playing with big orange mangoes, there is some blue sky.
but still lots of wind.

We were taking pictures of our hair blowing in the wind
Dee's is creating a new style

me too, ok if you face into the wind.

Found a great little beach to while away the afternoon
Why do you always find a pair of thongs on deserted beaches these don't even match.
one other person beside us just about perfect.
and look at that sky
Time for a little beachcombing

Just finishing off my packet of chips I have many new best friends

And guess who found a coconut
well always fun to play with

Lots of lovely sunshine but we will not see the reef this trip as all boats are still grounded you wouldn't think there was a cyclone coming.


  1. Hari OM
    Never mind the reef - look at that beach!! Fabby fotos Merle!! Looking glam in that wind-blown shot. YAM xx

  2. What a beautiful place! Just like the proverbial desert island. Did you name the coconut, 'Wilson'? xo

  3. Beautiful sky. Beautiful beach. It seems a good time was has by all.

  4. The weather did improve. I can't see wet patches of sweat on people, so not too hot then and maybe a bit sheltered down on the beach.

  5. Beautiful photos! One would never guess such a storm is on the way.

  6. Wow, all that white,and none of it is snow....sorry your trip was spoiled, maybe next time.


  7. ...So glad to see that you all had some good times on your holiday..... the beaches and the boulders look amazing... Love the seagulls..... son and daughter in law look just a little 'romantic' in their photo.. love it... You look beautiful in your windblown pic...
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

  8. That's a beautiful little beach you found, makes up for not seeing the reef.
    You have lovely hair Merle.

  9. How I would love to go beachcombing with you on a sunny day!

  10. What luck, for the reef trips to be canceled. I love the beautiful beach scenery and the rock formations. And the sky is looking gorgeous. Lovely photos, Merle.


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