Friday, 16 August 2013

A week playing in the garden in the sunshine

We had wonderful weather, it's the tail end of winter but it's time for spring according to the weather around here, lovely sunny days, nights are still cool but who cares I've lots of blankets to keep me warm.
The garden a bit confused but it's bearing up under the strain, starting to flower and breaking into leaf all over the place so I spent last week at home pottering around in my garden.

 The little fairies maybe need a paint job they have lost a bit of colour and also need a scrub up.

 Kidney has been asleep in this spot for some time but she will soon move, the sun is moving away slowly and it's turning cool.
The herbs are doing well some have doubled in size and nothing has died for me thats pretty good.
 Flowers are coming our everywhere the smell from the jasmine is wonderful.

 The bamboo grows a inch or so overnight, every year I cut it down so I have bamboo for stakes and other things.

This is my new strawberry patch, I grown them before you don't get a lot and they are nothing like the massive ones you buy in woolworths but they taste so much better so I looking forward to fresh strawberries I can munch on when I peg out the washing.
Must get some plants soon.

 The beetroot and silverbeet are still alive too.
 And the pile is smaller.

 The mulberry trees and all leafing up.

Look snowdrops

Lavender flowers

Even tomato flowers

And sugar cane

These are mulberry flowers, they happen first are visited by bees, you hear them buzzing all day up in the top of the trees and in a couple of months you get your mulberries now they taste good straight off the trees.

 It's getting cold so time to go inside good bye for now.


  1. It amazes me that everything looks so lush at the tail end of winter when here,there is nothing at all through winter.
    Jane x

  2. Hari OM
    OOOHhhh, lily of the valley and snowdrops, pelargoniums and lavendar, veges and herbies and mulberries too; we have some lovely things on the ashram grounds, but I do so miss the cottage garden. You have a truly beaut place, Merle! And I can't believe you have jasmine already... I finally return to Sydney in October and am looking forward to that and the jacarandas and agapanthus..... sigh. Thank you for the tour! YAM xx

  3. I really will enjoy your garden this winter. And, I sincerely echo Jane's comment. We just don't have green in the winter, except yours.

  4. I'm glad to see your bathtub herb garden is doing so well!

  5. I like the bathtub herb garden. Everything is so green and lovely your way!

  6. I love your garden. Lots of work - but doesn't it pay dividends. I grow strawberries in hanging pots and you are right, they taste sooo much better than the commercial ones. Like tomatoes...

  7. It really looks like a secret retreat to me. I especially love the kitty in the garden. You have done a lot of work out there and your herb garden is coming along beautifully- xo Diana

  8. What a pretty garden you have!
    Just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments you leave in my blog they are much appreciated! :o)
    Alyson x

    1. By the way my blog: not sure why I am showing under my youtube name here x

  9. Looks like your garden is positively blooming with life!

  10. Your garden is so beautiful, Merle. Your herbs look fantastic! Hugs to you.

  11. It's so nice to have flowers after a long winter... Love those big pink succulent flowers! I have the same variety of lavender and Coleus in my garden. Love your little fairies and gnomes, too. We are now ending our summer so it will be nice to see yours coming to life as ours goes to sleep. A lovely garden, Merle. Hugs, xo

  12. Oh no! you have the type of jasmine that is deadly to me and my sinuses. The migraines from it are so severe and this year my daughter has joined me in suffering.
    Love mulberries, I'll have to check the trees growing here in the complex. They may be budding too.

  13. ..Hello Merle.... great to see things happening in your garden......
    I went out this morning to find that my plum tree has it's first blossoms on it.....rushed to take pics....
    Glad your herbs are coming on well....
    Hugs ... Barb

  14. You have a magnificent garden!! Neat how you're using your tub and all the little fairies and nomes. Such a fun garden Merle!! Bet you will have a lot of butterflies to help out!


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