Monday, 6 May 2013

The new room almost finished

Well this is my bedroom repainted, it's almost finished,  just a little bit in the corner is still red but I am not feeling too good at the moment I'm not sure if I have got a bug or it's a reaction from the paint but I will have a couple of days off till I feel better.

Most of my furniture is a bit odd, I really like this cupboard it's great for storing jumpers as the air is always circulating so they are always fresh, I  think it's a kitchen cupboard.

My snake charmers basket, I  have belts in it well they are almost snakes. A friend of mine gave it to me many years ago. 

This little cat is so sweet and causes no trouble not like the live ones.

This teapot lost his lid so he now just holds flowers.

It is a much more soothing colour.

New curtains.

Some of the painting were moved around but I kept this one on the yellow wall, I'm the one in the bonnet.

And this one fits in.

Everyone needs a fairy to read bedtime stories.

Leroy seems to like the new colour she has moved in.

Kidney is checking out under the bed.

And one of the twins is checking out Kidney .


  1. What a cozy and inviting space you've created! I love the tiny window to the side of your bed:) Love your wood floors too. It looks like your cat's appreciating the makeover:)

  2. Looks very homey Merle, I like the little things that makes it just 'you'! The storage cupboard is a very nice piece and do I detect a small chest with drawers from Marjolein Bastin (under the teapot)?
    Hoping you are soon feeling up to par,

  3. Merle it's really lovely!! I think the grey is nice and soft and with all your pretty decorating it looks very cosy and cottage-y :-)
    Hope you are feeling better soon..there's a stomach bug doing the rounds here.
    A few days off sounds wise - besides you deserve it after all that work!
    love..Trish x

  4. Your room does look much more restful now. I like that cupboard for your jumpers very much. And I LOVE your wood floors. Mine are covered in vinyl flooring.

  5. Painting is something I hate to do so I give high marks to those who get it done. Very nice job...a soothing color like mist. A charming room!

  6. Great choices, well done. Great accessories, with their stories.

  7. Very pretty and the colors are great! I love the picture on your sidebar of you and your husband on your wedding day - so sweet :)

    Hugs to you!

  8. Oh Merle, you have been so very, very busy. I like the lighter shades very much, especially the yellow. Very cheery!

    Sure hope you feel MUCH better soon.

    Oh, the little cat with the yellow paw prints must have driven you crazy. What a little rapscallion. Sounds like something my own kitty would do.

    Thanks for your visit and comment, Merle. Susan

  9. Your bedroom walls are very pretty with the blue linens! I love your snake charmer basket and your 'fat cat' and all your lovely paintings. Hope you feel a bit better soon - oh, I love your new curtains, too! xx

  10. Hi Merle .... your room is lovely...definately more 'you'.... Love the blue touches...
    Barb xx


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