Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A night out and toadstools in the garden.

My son and daughter in law took us out for a lovely meal in a pretty posh Italian restaurant in Parramatta  it was very popular and the food was very good. Here we have the beer fairy chatting up the waitress he must still have it because we were given free shots of a lemon Italian liqueur no one else got these, not the best picture of him under the strong lights and they were very hot too.

My daughter in law  we were all well fed and happy by the time we had finished. 

Here's me and my son we both have the same forehead but I had the sense to grow a fringe but he is in his 40's now so growing hair is not an option.

But no real wrinkles he is still looking young. 

These were growing in a tree stump in the back garden, they only lasted a day we often get them after rain but it hadn't rained for about a week when I took this photo, so it was unusual to see them. 

Everything is still green and happy in the garden.

But winter is coming.

You can see it in the sky.

Pidge comes home earlier.

or doesn't go out flying at all.

This little fellow is still happy but a bit grotty these days.

I found some more of the little fellows under a tree.

The twins are waving good bye to mum and dad, they left on a plane back to their home in QLD this morning.


  1. Beautiful post - and I am tickled that the beer fairy still has his charm - which resulted in free drinks. A win.

    Love your garden - and the twins.

    1. I not sure I can still see it but it must be there somewhere, the twins are a bit sad now.

  2. Looks like a nice dinner - lots of mushrooms - and I like your Gnome. sandie

    1. Dinner was great but so expensive.

  3. What a lovely time with your family! Love the pictures and the cats always make me smile :)


    1. We had a great time and they got a lot done to their house.

  4. So nice to have a dinner date with loved ones! Very unusual mushrooms there and I noticed your garden plants are the houseplants we buy in the store! You must live in a warm climate. Now the house will be quiet again. I hope you had a lovely time visiting with your son and wife. (And the twins!) xx

  5. They lived very close and it was a bit lonely when they moved away but it's good to see them,
    Our weather is very pleasant most of the time.

  6. Hi Merle ..... glad you had a nice family dinner.....your garden is looking good. I love the cute..
    Hugs ....
    Barb xx

    1. Hi Barb,
      I got them at the right time they were gone by the next day but expect more as we have had a lot of rain today so far.
      Love Merle....

  7. You are so funny. I love that the beer fairy was looking out for you. I always love seeing photos of your garden.

  8. Merle, that sounds like a nice place for a family meal!
    Lots of interesting things on the blackboard :-)
    J is still looking bright and youthful..must've got it from his Mum ;-D
    Love the cute little toadstools and the all the greenery in your yard.
    Days are certainly getting shorter and shorter..we have the woodfire going now.
    Pidge is a wise little fellow - staying home is always best on a cold day!
    love..Trish xx

  9. Merle,
    I love eating out!! Every Friday after work is our "date night".
    I like going to a cheap Chinese buffet since they have shrimp 7 different ways AND fried frog legs!! Danny isn't too fond of buffets, so every two or three times we'll go to Mexican. But our places are cheap!! Couldn't fix it at home for what we pay :-}} You do have the mushrooms!

  10. What a wonderful array of photographs! And aren't the twins gorgeous!

  11. Looks like exactly my kind of night. I love eating out. (Well, I love eating any old time or way, but I especially love eating out.) I also love time with the family so you hit a double with this one.

    And I laughed about you growing a fringe over your forehead. So cute.


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