Friday, 15 February 2013

My week bits & MORE BITS

I have plans to paint the visitors bedroom so I moved some furniture into the hallway.

It looks a bit crowded now. ..

Don't I have interesting books in my loo, I'm sure I gave these to someone but they have made their way back again, i also have magazines for people who like to read while doing the job.

We have butterflies

and more butterflies.

and now a clock for if you are running late or in a hurry.

My son has moved away to another state but was coming home this weekend so this morning he woke me up at 8am, just poped over for breakfast, they still own their first house so they still have a home base in Sydney so we had bacon and eggs and a chat for a couple of hours but that put me behind  

and Leroy was not impressed, she expects the bed made as soon as I get up she went to sleep anyway but on top of the blanket

so I had to make it around her she didn't move at all then when I had finished she woke up.

When the rain had finished it was time to go outside.

Kidney went tree climbing, all the birds left very quickly. 

What fun when you got trees to climb, even when you are a bit wonky.

Given the bird cage a uplift with a bit of copper paint.

and relocated the herbs closer to the house, easier to get in the winter. . 

still up the tree.

This is pidge going for a fly,  in the morning he goes early before anyone is up but in the afternoon he waits for the beer fairy to take him down the driveway and throw him in the air, he flys around the block and back to his perch and then they do it again a few times that way they both get some exercise.


  1. Oh my, Merle! I needed to catch up with your posts! You have been busy!
    Love the background of your blog!

  2. How could I miss this?? Angus has a tail? Mac is so jealous!

    1. HI Noelle,
      Angus has a great tail, up and proudly displayed when happy and excited, down and draging on the ground when unhappy

  3. What cute photos of your sweet cats! I love cats and once had four at the same time but only have four dogs now. I am amazed at the bird's routine. Must be very entertaining to watch. Shannon

    1. HI Shannon,
      Cats are entertaining when awake just cute when asleep, that is most of the day.
      All the locals stop by if walking past our place when those two are doing their flying exercise, because Pidge is a wild bird that stayed with us after he was hit by a car I was so surprised he came back when given his freedom after he had recovered to tell the truth I was amazed he survived at all, he was badly hurt.

  4. I see that you are another who'll not disturb the cats. What a life they lead! It was fun to hear about the pet pigeon who goes on a flight or two around the block. You're only the second pigeon owners I've heard of.

    1. Hi Vee,
      Cats really do what they want and the seem to understand relaxing like no other animal we could learn a lot from them.
      I'm not sure we own Pidge I think he just lives in our back yard.

  5. Hi Merle,
    I love cats on beds....they just GO together.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your 'new room' when it's finished.
    Have a good day
    Barb xx

    1. Hi Barb,
      They sure do go together, it's hard to get them apart, we should repaint the whole house when I worked it out it been 15 years since it was painted it's held up pretty well.

  6. Hi Merle- Thank you for finding me and I was able to back link and find your blog. Did you know that your comments come across as a NoReply so there is no way to respond to your comments? It looks like you are a new blogger? If you want to know how to fix that-let me know and I will email the instructions to you.

    You are very talented!!! Hugs- and I am your newest follower- xo Diana

  7. You are giving me ideas, Merle! It's been a while since I painted any walls here and I'm feeling the urge now, lol!
    The garden looks great.
    Love the pics of Kidney up in the trees :-)
    I think it's lovely that Pidge is so at home with you and I'm sure he feels happy and cared for!


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