Thursday, 3 January 2013

House tour and why the birds water go so quickly

This is Leroy  drinking Pidge's water I don't know what is wrong with her water bowl it all comes out of the same tap.

I don't care I like this water better, I was filling it up 4 times a day, I was wondering if the bird had  diabetes. 

This is my loungeroom, well sitting room then.

The brown lounge is mine the green one the beer fairy, there was a time when he was thinner than me but that's long gone. 

Angus is wondering what I'm doing, he would rather play ball.

This is the guest room for some reason it has come out rather dark.

This is me, best photo ever taken.

The main bedroom.

My art and crafts room, the desk was thrown out at a truck yard where the beer fairy was working and he bought it home for me, it was a bit of a mess but I liked the size and did a few things to it and now I very fond of it. 

If a little girl comes to stay or visit this could be her room.

The Hall.


This is my kitchen, the lime green hens on the bench are happy hens from New Zealand.

I have a fire blanket.

And an fire extinguisher in case of fire, I think my children are throwing out hints I 'm careless but it is a good idea better to be safe than sorry.

The mail area.

My bowl of fruit. 

My nick nacks cupboard.

The reading chair.

The bathroom. Not long after we moved in 22 years ago we found mushrooms growing in the bathroom so we had to pull out everything and found the shower had been leaking for some time so we remodelled it and replaced the floor it is dated now but I never want to do that again so I can live with out of date as long as it works.

Have you finished mucking around can we play bell now.


  1. A lovely home! I enjoyed this tour!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It was a very slow week super hot so nothing got done and most of my family are away so I was mainly at home.

  2. Hi Merle,

    You are a most talented artist! I especially love your unfinished piece! Can't wait to see it when it's complete!

    Thanks for visiting!


    1. Hi Poppy,
      Nice to hear from you, thank you for visiting if you mean the lighthouse picture I will put it up when I next post.

  3. What a lovely home! And I really like your craft room :) Leroy is just too cute!

    Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments - I do enjoy hearing from you :)

    And I bet milk chocolate would be just fine for the s'mores bars.


  4. Hi Merle,
    Lovely tour of your home... it looks fabulous!!
    I'm glad you solved 'The Mystery of The Water Bowl' and that Pidge isn't diabetic after all.
    Love your craft room!!
    Barb xx


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