Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The new top garden is taking shape

This part is going to be herbs I have planted a few but mainly in pots at this stage but I put down some red bark to define the areas and give the borders to the gardens.

This area was a lot of wandering jew and weeds and wood stacked up in the corner.

These edging tiles  were here when we bought the house there was only a few but they just hold the dirt back so I could just add a  layer of topsoil to improve the herb garden. 

The little barrow was a gift from my son he made it out of fence posts and I painted daisies on it.

The jasmine is in full flower and smells great but not good for hay fever.


I was trying to take a picture of M&M  but he left so I took the china bells instead, I took these with the computer camera  and it's a bit slow.

If I put all my pot plants around the cats don't dig out the new plants and they get a chance to grow. 


  1. Hi Merle,
    I like the red bark you're using. It defines the garden beds really well.Your cluster of blue pots look good together.
    Have a good week
    Barb xx

    1. Hi Barb,
      We are getting there Lex has 5 different tomatoes growing and they are all going well
      except the ones l planted they have gone missing but I can't take a photo of them as they are only tiny yet, and various other vegs
      Love Merle......

  2. Your garden is looking good with all your hard work. The red bark looks nice next to the pretty blue containers. I like the daisies that you painted on the barrow. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments. I really appreciate it. Be sure to check my blog on Monday for some major changes.--------- Shannon

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Thanks for the comments, I will have a look on Monday.

  3. Wow! Your hard work is paying off, Merle.
    Your garden is looking great.
    The back corner bed will be nice and colourful with those nasturtiums - one of my favourite flowers :-)
    I like the bark and edging tiles and your jasmine is beautiful!
    We have been really busy in our yard too.
    Hope to plant out tomatoes this week, now that the frosts have finished and the days are warmer.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Trish,
      Everything is coming along nicely and the weather has been kind here lovely sunny days and mild nights no frosts. We have had our tomatoes and vegs in for a few weeks now.
      love Merle....


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