Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My weekend

On the weekend we went to Eugowra for a celebration on a hold up that happened many years ago I not sure  how long it was. It was wet and cold all day not the best weather for all the outdoor activities.


  1. Hi Merle - thanks for visiting and leaving a comment for me :-)
    I'm not surprised to hear that you froze at Eugowra the other day!
    Saturday was pretty miserable in our neck of the woods :-(
    Sounds like a really interesting reason to be there, though.
    I love history and anything to do with genealogy.
    Do you have ancestors from bushranger country?
    I discovered our family had ancestral connections out this way about 15 years after we moved here.
    Good fun! :-)

  2. Lex's comes from there most of his family live there so there are plenty of people to visit, I had not seen them for a long and Jodie's wife May had only passed through once so she didn't know them to well so Joe May Lex and I all went up for the weekend, Lex stayed on for a week ,his brother has not been very well lately so he is spending some time with him.
    love merle...

  3. Hi Merle,
    It sounds too cold for me
    I like to be inside in front of the fire in weather like you had.
    Barb xxx


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