Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More paintings

I like painting houses........

Mum Robyn and I in Hyde park in 1953 or 2.......


This was a friend of my daughter friends wedding
she is the one in the middle......

more houses......


  1. Merle, I love all your painting pics!
    You paint such beautiful cottages!!
    It must be lovely to be able to create beauty like that - a true gift!
    Thanks for sharing them with us :-)
    Trish xx

    1. Thanks for your comments, still experimenting with this now I am having trouble with my connections maybe a new phone line I can't have the internet and phone connected at the same time but it's all fun.
      see you Merle.......


A first tooth for our little lady and eating out.

We are off and playing more and more on the floor. No teeth yet for Wilbur but Clemmy has one on the bottom. But impossible...