Monday, 5 March 2012

My cat licking clean on my washing


  1. Hi Merle,Cute photo!You should have worn it today..the fur might have kept you warm.
    Now you might want to put a photo in the actual post, not just on your home page. Let me know if you do and I'll help you.

  2. Hi Barb......No still doesn't work what I have to do is transfer all my photos to a certain area in the blog to be able to put them on a post. I planted all your little freckle plants in the garden and they are all standing up proudly, on Monday when I got home they were very sad I think the sun was to much of a shock.

  3. Hi Merle!
    It's good to see you blogging :-D
    Your cat is so gorgeous - I wish I had a nice moggy like Leroy to cuddle up to.
    Especially's freezing here!

    Like Barb, I have a little suggestion for you to try if you want to give it a go..

    If you put your mouse on the pic of Leroy and "right-click" a box will open on your screen.
    Scroll down and click "copy".
    Then go to your dashboard and click on "edit posts"
    and then click "edit" on the top entry (your last post)
    When your posting box comes up I think you'll see it's empty.
    "Right-click" your mouse in the empty posting box and a smaller box will open.
    Scroll down and click "paste".
    Voila!- Your photo of Leroy will appear in the posting box.
    You can write something about him or just leave your post without text - whatever you feel like doing.
    Then you just have to click "publish" for it to come up on your blog inside your post!

    I use "copy" and "paste" quite a bit for my blog posts.
    It's another way to add pics besides going into photo files.
    And there's quite a few sites on the web that have free images we can use.
    I just Google "free images" and browse for one that suits my post.
    Hope that's a help for you.
    Blogging can be a bit frustrating at times but it's a great creative outlet.
    Whatever you do.. HAVE FUN with it!!

    ps. you might want to write my notes down before you go to your dashboard, because you won't be able to see my comment then.

    1. I don't have a mouse only a laptop, I worked some of it out I think thanks for the advice, I am still playing around with it. The photos come from the photo booth area and I haven't got a card reader to transfer from a camera but I am having a play every day so I will get there. love Merle....


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